Several extents of trivia
by Hugh Deam

An opportunity to test your knowledge of things in general. Each extent is compiled by our resident quiz-master Hugh Deam, and they are shown in order of the date they last appeared. When they become available, the answers can be revealed by clicking on the Answers link at the top of each section.

 250 New Questions for 2008 Answers 

Round Britain
  1. In which city are the UK Fireworks Championships held?
  2. Fistral Beach famed for its surfing is to be found in which town?
  3. What is the name of Britain's most recently built castle?
  4. Europe's largest artificial surf reef is in which town?
  5. The top three participatory sporting events in the UK are The London Marathon, The Great North Run, The Great South Run, but what is the fourth largest event?
  6. At which seaside resort is the Birdman Championships held?
  7. In which county is England's only Curling Rink, Fenton's Rink?
  8. The folk group Fiddlers Dram had a Top Three hit in 1980 with "Day Trip to Bangor", but from which county do they come?
  9. In which town would you find the Shell Grotto?
  10. In which town will you find the tourist attraction Dickens World?
  11. Which famous tunnel was opened in 1897?
  12. On which isle were the World Walking the Plank Championships held in 2007?
  13. In which city would you find the Meltdown Festival?
  14. Who was its Curator in 2007?
  15. Which famous building has the oldest oak door in England?
  16. Which football club connects Sir Geoff Hurst and Graham Gooch?
  17. In which stadium was the first Greyhound Derby run in 1927?
  18. Mr Chicken was the original owner of which famous London address?
  19. No.10, No.11 and No.12 Downing Street are inhabited by whom?
  20. Who recently moved house to Connaught Square?
  21. What is the Millennium Dome building now known as?
  22. The highest placed home golfer in the British Open wins a cup named after this part of London, what is it?
  23. White Van Man is often associated with Essex, but what percentage of vans is white?
  24. What is the name of England's largest inhabited castle?
  25. Which is the oldest football team in the Premiership?
  26. Which speedway team's supporters are known as South Mead Massive?
  27. First banana verified as grown in British back garden, was in which town?
  28. What was the former name of Broad Street in Oxford?
  29. The iconic 1970s Athena poster of the young girl tennis player scratching her bottom was photographed on which tennis courts?
  30. Which football team are nicknamed the "Brewers"?
  31. Which Football team are nicknamed the "Silkmen"?
  32. Which city was known as the second city of Empire?
  33. At which football club would you be served a big boy pie?
  34. What is unusual about the Signal Box Inn, Cleethorpes?
  35. Which is the nearest town or city to Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport?
  36. What is the name of the poet known as the Bard of Barnsley?
  37. Stanley Race opened the first bottle bank on June 6th 1977 in which town?
  38. Where is Kit Kat Crescent?
  39. Who is the current Duke of Lancaster better known as?
  40. Phil Mustard and Graham Onions play cricket for which county team?
  41. What is the name of the Roman wall to the north of Hadrian's Wall?
  42. The 100 year old Titan crane is located in the John Brown Shipyard in which town?
  43. In which Abbey would you find the tomb of Robert the Bruce?
  44. What was Operation Deep Scan looking for in 1987?
  45. What is the national bird of Scotland?
  46. What is the "Granite City" better known as?
  47. What is the name of the Welsh Star who had a Number 1 U.K. Album in 1975 "We All Had Doctors' Papers"?
  48. On the beach of which seaside resort did the Wright Brothers demonstrate their flying machine in 1907?
  1. Which television show has featured Michael Parkinson, Russell Crowe, Julian Clary, Derek Nimmo, Sinitta, Shane Warne and Neil Morrissey?
  2. Lucy, Ria and Martin were the members of which chart-topping pop group?
  3. Which British movie star first discovered the white spots on the surface of Saturn?
  4. Which pop group is the odd one out? a. Slik, b. Rich Kids, c. Ultravox, d. The Faders
  5. What was the name of the famous singer nicknamed the "Groovy Galahad"?
  6. Pocoyo's friends are an elephant, a duck, a dog and a bird, what are their names?
  7. Which Music Video has received the most awards?
  8. Who animated it?
  9. Which British Playwright won Tony Awards on Broadway in 1968, 1976, 1984 and 2007?
  10. What style of music originated in Lauderdale Courts, Memphis?
  11. The children's book character Milly Molly Mandy had a full name, what was it?
  12. What film was chosen for the first Royal Film Premiere?
  13. Kit Hesketh-Harvey and Richard Sisson comprise the sardonic stage act known as what?
  14. What is the name of the opera based on a subversive political play by Beaumarchais?
  15. What is the name of the comedian who has the catchphrase: "I don't think so!"?
  16. Alex North and Hy Zaret wrote famous song for 1955 film Unchained?
  17. The O'Jays hit song Love Train visited 5 countries and continent, can you name them?
  18. What was Jerome K. Jerome's surname?
  19. What is the title of his sequel to Three Men in a Boat?
  20. What are the Christian names of the Cheeky Girls?
  21. Both Ronan Keating and Timmy Mallett had number 1 hits in conjunction with this famous songwriter, but what is his name?
  22. Which fictional detective lived in Whitehaven Mansions?
  23. The Jacksons 1979 Top Ten hit Blame it on the Boogie was written by which British singer/songwriter?
Name the backing groups
  1. Iggy Pop and the...?
  2. Bruce Springsteen and the...?
  3. Eddie and the...?
  4. Bob Seger and the...?
  5. Elvis Presley and the...?
  6. Dave Dee...?
  7. Randy Crawford and the...?
  8. Lou Reed and the...?
  9. Hootie and the...?
  10. Alvin and the...?
  11. Reverend and the...?
  12. Manuel and his...?
  13. Jonathan Richman and the...?
Better Known As
  1. Calendula?
  2. Narcissus?
  3. Dianthus?
What is the chemical symbol for...
  1. Copper?
  2. Chromium?
  3. Cobalt?
More Entertainment
  1. DJ Cristiano Spiller is recognised as being the tallest DJ in the world and joined forces with Sophie Ellis-Bextor to record the Number One hit Groovejet which famously kept Victoria Beckman's single off the top so ensuring that she is the only member of the Spice Girls not to achieve a chart-topper outside of the group. How tall is Spiller in feet and inches?
  2. By what name was the Welsh heartthrob David Davies better known?
  3. Which record did not sell a million copies in the U.K.? Bob the Builder by Bob the Builder, Dancing Queen by Abba, Saturday Night by Whigfield.
  4. What connects the recording of Hey Jude and Bohemian Rhapsody?
  5. What was the name of the Hart's dogs in TV series Hart to Hart?
  6. What girls' names did Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon adopt in Some Like It Hot?
  7. This multi-million selling group were originally called The Spectres, then changed their name to Traffic Jam, but by what name did they finally find chart success?
  8. This movie has spawned five sequels, won 3 Oscars, took 28 days to film at a cost of $1.2m, grossed $120m, and had a number one hit from its third incarnation?
  1. Where would you find a dampener?
  2. What age was Alexis Thompson when she teed off in the US Women's Open golf in June 2007?
  3. Whose record of most Grand Slam tennis titles did Pete Sampras beat?
  4. What are the names of the two show courts in Melbourne used for the Australian Open?
  5. The US Open was long held at Forest Hills, but where is it now held?
  6. What are the names of the three show courts at the US Open?
  7. What is the postal code area of Wimbledon?
  8. What score is known as a treble bagel?
Sporting Nicknames
  1. Snooker ... James ( ? ) Wattana
  2. Cricketer ... Steve ( ? ) Waugh
  3. Cricketer ... Mark ( ? ) Waugh
  4. Golfer ... Paul ( ? ) Eales
  5. Cricketer ... Graeme ( ? ) Fowler
  6. Darts ... Phil ( ? ? ) Taylor
  7. Football ... Emlyn ( ? ) Hughes
  8. Snooker ... Steve ( ? ? ) Davis
  9. Golfer ... Retief ( ? ) Goosen
  10. Darts ... Alan ( ? ) Warriner Little
  11. Cricketer ... Ian ( ? ? ) Botham
  12. Football ... Paul ( ? ) Ince
  13. Golfer ... Ernie ( ? ) Els
  14. Football ... Ron ( ? ) Harris
  15. Tennis ... Mark ( ? ) Philippoussis
  16. Boxing ... Thomas ( ? ) Hearns
  17. Boxing ... Ricky ( ? ) Hatton
  18. Jockey ... Lester ( ? ) Piggott
  19. Snooker ... Ronnie ( ? ) O'Sullivan
  20. Darts ... Kevin ( ? ) Painter
  21. Tennis ... Rod ( ? ) Laver
  22. Jockey ... Niall ( ? ) Madden
  23. Jockey ... Robert ( ? ) Thornton
  24. Cricketer ... Denis ( ? ) Compton
  25. Darts ... Colin ( ? ) Lloyd
General Knowledge
  1. To the nearest 500, how many English words have two or more meanings?
  2. To the nearest 5%, what percentage of vans are white?
  3. Helminthophobia is the fear of what?
  4. Which month has the most birthdays?
  5. Why did Winston Churchill never occupy a hotel room above the first floor?
  6. Which contains the most calories, Curry & Chips or Fish & Chips?
  7. What do the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse represent?
  8. What are the names of the rivers christened as the Four Great Rivers of the World?
  9. Gephyrophobia is the fear of what?
  10. What is the cheapest colour on the Monopoly board?
  11. More mandarin ducks in UK or China?
  12. Which Bookmaker is known as the "Magic Sign"?
  13. At the last count in 2007, how many professional Elvis Presley impersonators were there estimated to be in the world?
  14. Which sport has the highest suicide rate?
  15. With a top speed of 68mph what is the fastest fish?
  16. When is a horse's birthday?
  17. Which dog is famously quoted as saying: "It doesn't matter if you win or lose... until you lose"?
  18. On Sept 3rd 2007, Moira Cameron began work as the first female to do which job?
  19. Keen's Seedling was named after Michael Keen in 1806, and was the first edible cultivated example of which popular fruit?
  20. How many Prime Ministers have there been in Britain?
  21. In terms of nationality, which politician is the odd one out? Callaghan, Heseltine, Prescott, Howard, Blair.
  22. During 1980s Bermondsey, Greenwich and Woolwich constituencies gained what nickname?
  23. Which famous politician served as Foreign Secretary in Prime Minister Ramsey MacDonald's Labour administration in 1924?
  24. Starting with the youngest, arrange in order of age when you are allowed to do the following things in Virginia, USA: Drink, Drive, Join the Army, Vote.
  25. In American Football, what is an automatic better known as?
  26. In which U.S. city would you find the Marshall Field Department Store?
  27. What is the nickname of the aide (Lewis Libby) to Vice President Dick Cheney convicted of perjury over a CIA leak?
  28. The action in poker movie The Cincinnati Kid takes place in which city?
  29. How many letters are there in the Hawaiian alphabet?
  30. Besides the Democrats and the Republicans, what are the names of the other three parties to rule the USA since 1789?
  31. About which Canadian city did Mark Twain comment that if he was to throw a brick it would be bound to hit a church window?
  32. Born Edward Teach in Bristol 1677, the most feared pirate later?
  33. What is the Base of New Providence, an island in the West Indies, known as today?
  34. Which country had the Singing Revolution in 1991?
  35. Which film festival has the Golden Lion as its premier award?
  36. Which European capital city is highest above sea level?
  37. what is the English title of the mega grossing movie of 1975 renamed Dodens Gab in Denmark & Tiburon in Spain?
  38. The last model of the Citroen 2CV was produced in which European country in July 1990?
  39. Louis XIV was known as the Sun King, but which king was known as the father of the people?
  40. In 1869 which country introduced the postcard?
  41. Which famous explorer was the son of Eric the Red?
  42. What is the name of the Danish music festival equivalent of Glastonbury?
  43. How many verses are there in the Greek National Anthem?
  44. Robyn Rihanna Fenty comes from which country?
  45. What was the name of the yacht which won the first Americas Cup in 1851?
  46. I began life in Canada in 1929 as The Cyclone, but now I am American and called The Comet. What am I?
  47. Which are the two South American countries that don't have a border with Brazil?
  48. On which continent is the Cape of Inaccessibility?
  49. Which country did Marco Polo describe as the "land of wonders"?
  50. Which desert derives its name from a literal translation of the land of spears?
  51. What is the name of the country made up of 13,667 islands?
  52. What is it that the Booboo tribe of New Guinea think it unlucky to do after dark?
  53. Which clown is considered the King of Clowns?
  54. For which English king did Mozart perform some of his work in 1764?
  55. Who owns Dartmoor Prison?
  56. George III and his wife Queen Charlotte had how many children?
  57. Which tennis playing British monarch played in the Men's Doubles at Wimbledon?
  58. Queen Victoria's favourite gemstone, personally oversaw the mining for?
  59. What was the name of King Louis XV's most famed mistress?
  60. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother and Louis Armstrong were both born on August 4th, but who was born first, or were they born in the same year?
  61. The Casa Rosado (Pink House) is the Government building in which country?
Autobiographies by whom?
  1. Awight Now
  2. Is it me?
  3. Hitchhiker
  4. An Accidental MP
  5. Lord of the Dance
  6. Bring on the Empty Horses
  7. With Nails
  8. Unless I'm Very Much Mistaken
  9. Common as Muck
  10. Life in the Jungle
  11. Oh What a Circus
  12. What's It All About?
  13. Black, White & Gold
  14. Jolly Green Giant
  15. Pride and Perjury
  16. Living the Dream
  17. Living Out Loud
  18. The World at my Feet
  19. Bigger than Hitler, Better than Christ
  20. Memoirs of an Unfit Mother
  21. 4th Among Equals
  22. Why Me?
  23. Untamed Shrew
  24. Hello
  25. Me: Moir
  26. Bringing the House down
  27. Loitering with Intent
  28. Long Walk to Freedom
  29. Living Dangerously
  30. 'Tis Herself
Collective nouns
  1. A Murder of?
  2. A Parliament of?
  3. A Hedge of?
  4. A Rumba of?
  5. A Bike or Byke of?
Name the football clubs that play at the following grounds
  1. Craven Cottage
  2. St. Andrews
  3. Stadium of Light
  4. The Riverside
  5. The Hawthorns
  6. Bramall Lane
  7. Vale Park
  8. Walkers Stadium
  9. Loftus Road
  10. Carrow Road
  11. Vicarage Road
  12. Ricoh Arena
  13. Britannia Stadium
  14. Matchroom Stadium
  15. Layer Road
  16. Turf Moor
  17. KC Stadium
  18. Home Park
  19. Keep Moat Stadium
  20. Gigg Lane
  21. Glanford Park
  22. Liberty Stadium
  23. Memorial Stadium
 120 Questions May 2007 Answers 

  1. Which American State has the smallest population?
  2. What is the official address of the White House in Washington?
  3. There have been 43 Presidents of the United States, but how many inaugurations have there been?
  4. What famous landmark was dedicated by President Grover Cleveland?
  5. What is the name of the first American University, founded in 1636?
  1. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is best known for his detective novels, but for which football team did he play in goal?
  2. Sir Edmund Hillary is best known for being the first person to scale Mount Everest, but what was his main profession?
  3. The Oval is best known for hosting Test Matches in cricket, but what historic match was played there in 1872?
  4. What was Samuel Morse's main profession?
  5. What trade did Peter the Great come to London to learn?
  1. What colour is given to the Friday's preceding a Bank Holiday Monday in Germany?
  2. Flamingos have developed their pink appearance due to their predominant diet of what?
  3. Texas is known as The Lone Star State, but which is the Big Red State?
  4. Hyacinthoides non Scripta is better known as which flower?
  5. What is the colour of a Black Box flight recorder?
  1. In which year was the use of the postcode first introduced into Britain?
  2. In 1586 the first potatoes were introduced to England from which country?
  3. Who was responsible for bringing these first potatoes to Plymouth?
  4. What does a deltiologist collect?
  5. Which was the first national daily newspaper to be printed in Britain?
  1. What was the name of the standard class aircraft carriers introduced by the United States Navy in the wake of World War II?
  2. In Victorian times, which town was known as the English Naples?
  3. What was the name of the 1980's pop group that Patsy Kensit used to front?
  4. Which month in the year was originally the only one to have an even number of days?
  5. Which movie received its world television premiere on BBC1 on Christmas Day 1990?
  1. Which two countries contested the first World Cup Final in 1930?
  2. Which League football team is nicknamed the Grecians?
  3. At which Football club would you have found a stand called the Clock End?
  4. Which team were the first winners of the English League title?
  5. What was significant about the attendance for the 1985 F.A.Cup Final between Manchester Utd and Everton?
7. G-UP
  1. Pall Mall was the first London street to be what in 1807?
  2. The Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg song written for The Wizard of Oz, and sung by Judy Garland: Somewhere Over the Rainbow was voted the AFI's number one movie song, but what was Judy Garland's real name?
  3. Which Canadian Ice Hockey player was known as "The Great One"?
  4. Fawlty Towers was actually filmed at a country club in Bedfordshire, but what is the name of the recently refurbished hotel in Torquay that inspired the series?
  5. Brooklands hosted the first of these in Britain in 1926, but what?
  1. Still generally considered the greatest steeplechaser, Arkle was so revered that he was usually referred to as what?
  2. The first horse race in England took place in 1540, but at which racecourse?
  3. At which racecourse would you find the July course?
  4. Excluding the All-Weather season, from which months does the Flat Race season run?
  5. At which racecourse would you find the Mildmay course?
  1. Which sitcom featured a neighbour called Wilson whose face was always partially obscured by the garden fence or some other prop?
  2. Which shady dealer had an unseen but often commented upon wife affectionately known as 'Er Indoors?
  3. In Dad's Army, what was the first name of Captain Mainwaring's domineering wife who was never seen?
  4. In The Third Man, what was the name of the racketeer who hides out in the sewers of Vienna?
  5. Who was Director of Communications for the Labour Government from 1997 to 2003?
  1. The World Wide Web is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, but what is the name of the British scientist who founded it?
  2. In the long-running television series Frasier, what is the number of his Seattle apartment?
  3. The current Miss Universe, Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza comes from which country?
  4. The pop group Strontium 90 changed their name and gained multi-million selling success with their singles and albums, but what is that name they are known for?
  5. At which famous mountain resort would you find the legendary Cresta Run?
  1. What is the collective noun for a group of kangaroos?
  2. During the "populate or perish" emigration of the English to Australia in the 1950's, how much was the relocation fee?
  3. In which year did the Queen officially open the Sydney Opera House?
  4. Barry Humphries is best known for portraying Dame Edna Everage, but what is the name of his character who is the cultural attaché to the Court of St. James?
  5. Which Australian Prime Minister was known as "The Lizard of Oz?"
  1. The first one of these in Britain was opened in Enfield by Reg Varney in 1969, but what was it?
  2. Where would you find the world's largest cut diamond?
  3. In which year did the London Underground first open?
  4. Which residence is home to the National Mulberry Museum?
  5. They are Britain's oldest military corps, who are they?
  1. The monthly projection of the American economy is overseen by the US Federal Reserve, but what is the colourful name of the book that contains this survey?
  2. R$ is the abbreviation for the currency of which country?
  3. Who was Dawn Primarolo's predecessor as Chief Secretary to the Treasury?
  4. What was the name of the group who had a top five hit with their cover of the Beatles song - Money?
  5. In which year was the Bank of England established?
  1. What will some nine out of ten of us eat while we're sleeping?
  2. Per capita, which country drinks the most coffee?
  3. Which radio station known for its night-time broadcasting began in 1930?
  4. Who did Edwina Currie describe as having something of the night about him?
  5. Who were the first married couple to be seen together in bed on U.S. television?
  1. What was the name of the yacht that Sir Alec Rose used to sail around the world in 1968?
  2. What is the collective noun for a group of sea-lions?
  3. In 1955, what first went on sale in the U.K. in a Wimpy Bar in London?
  4. What was the nickname given to the trawlers that ferried the commandos known as the Heroes of Telemark from Lerwick to Norway during World War II?
  5. In 1953, the first scheduled jet airliner flew from London to which African city?
  1. Which other fictional detective created in the same month that Sherlock Holmes was killed off also lived in Baker Street?
  2. In which city would you find Snow Hill Station?
  3. The first TUC Congress was held in 1868, but where?
  4. Which one of the Bronte sisters wrote Jane Eyre?
  5. In which Yorkshire village was she born?
  1. Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather) and Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation) won Oscars for directing and screenplay, but what is the name of the only father and daughter to win Academy Awards as actors?
  2. In which city would you find the world's most famous pair of dockyard cranes that are named Samson and Goliath?
  3. Who were the first Royal couple to have their marriage broadcast live on the radio from Westminster Abbey in 1934?
  4. Which British Prime Minister was a cousin of the author and diarist Rudyard Kipling?
  5. Marilyn Monroe married three times. Joe di Maggio and Arthur Miller were husbands numbers two and three, but who was her first husband?
  1. In which city would you find Palmerston's Follies?
  2. At which Sussex equestrian course would you find the Devil's Dyke?
  3. Sir Robert Baden-Powell's first experimental camp for scouting in 1907 took place on which island?
  4. In 1909 Louis Bleriot flew across the English Channel from Calais to Northfall Meadow adjacent to which castle?
  5. In which county would you find King Harry's Ferry?
19. T-TIME
  1. What is mined in a stannery?
  2. In which country did tea first come into general usage?
  3. In 1926, the first of these in Britain appeared in Piccadilly Circus, what are they?
  4. In Blackadder, what was Baldrick's favourite vegetable?
  5. Invented in 1951 by Ruben Rausing in Sweden this patented design shape has since gone on to sweep the world, but was is the logo known as?
  1. Who did singer Keith Urban marry in July 2006?
  2. This multi-million selling act were made up of T-Boz, Chilli and the late Lisa Left-Eye Lopez, what was the name of the group?
  3. Which singer was killed by Eminen's obsessive fan character in the video for his song Stan?
  4. Which long-established star of the urban scene whose name suggests that he's a canine private investigator also stars in and produces porn movies?
  5. Which rap star holds an annual party in St Tropez called the White Party?
  1. Although best known as General Franco, what was the full name of the military ruler of Spain from 1939 - 1975?
  2. In the original movie of Bedazzled, Peter Cook played the Devil, but what mundane name did he go by?
  3. If you were to book a seat on a round trip journey to Mars, then on current projections, when the first excursions take place how many years should your trip take there and back?
  4. Two of the top three producers of methane gas are rice fields and rubbish tips, but what is the third?
  5. How many mph did the Wright Brothers have to attain in order to successfully get off the ground on their first flight?
  1. What is unique about the word SCREECHED?
  2. What is the badger-dog better known as?
  3. What does ISBN stand for?
  4. Most people remember that the initials of wartime radio show ITMA stood for It's That Man Again, but who was the man that it derived its name from?
  5. M*A*S*H was a successful film and long-running television series, but who wrote the original novel?
23. YES or NO
  1. A cat has thirty-two muscles in either ear.
  2. Almonds are a member of the peach family.
  3. Norwich was once England's second city.
  4. The British Isles consists of 6289 different islands.
  5. Blackpool Rock was actually first made in Dewsbury.
  1. Which James Bond actor did tennis player Pam Shriver marry in 2003?
  2. What is the name of the oldest city in the United States?
  3. In which mountain range would you find the Seven Summits?
  4. Richard D'Oyly Carte, whose opera company staged Gilbert & Sullivan's works, owned which famous hotel?
  5. The world's first Public Library opened in 1747 in which European city?
 120 Questions August 2006 Answers 

  1. Vincent van Gogh cut off part of an ear after an altercation with which other painter?
  2. Who was the author of Tom Brown's Schooldays?
  3. Born in 1915, McKinley Morganfield became a legendary name in music after he changed his name to what?
  4. Beethoven's Piano Sonata Number 14 is more commonly referred to as what?
  5. Boublil & Schonberg wrote which long running West End and Broadway musical?
  1. What is the name of the bridge at the heart of Bath?
  2. The Roman city Deva is known today as what?
  3. The Royal Pigeon Club is based in which English town?
  4. Other than London, which town or city possesses the most Michelin-starred restaurants?
  5. The Welsh constituency known as Ynys Mon is known in English as where?
  1. From which country do Donald Duck's antecedents hail?
  2. What are the names of his nephews who share his home?
  3. What is the address of Donald's home?
  4. What was Mickey Mouse's original name?
  5. What is the name of the bearded fireman in Trumpton?
  1. The first fatality in a bi-plane accident in the UK occurred at an Air Display in 1900, although the person killed was more famous for another mode of transport. Who was he?
  2. In 1911, who was the first person to be awarded a second Nobel Prize?
  3. Which U.S. President officially opened the Panama Canal in 1920?
  4. Which famous composer opened the Abbey Road recording studios in 1931?
  5. The bikini was unveiled to the public for the first time in 1946, but in which capital city?
  1. What was the name of the blind Benedictine cellar-man who is reputed to have invented champagne?
  2. The largest of its kind in Europe, Colossus is to be found in Germany, but what is it?
  3. In which decade did women receive the right to vote in Switzerland?
  4. What is the name of the German stock exchange?
  5. What is the tooth fairy known as in Spain?
  1. What is now the more common name for the bounceberry?
  2. M & M's take their name from Mars and Murray the founders of the chocolate company, but where did the name Snickers come from?
  3. What colour is Shropshire cheese?
  4. Which American city is the home of Coca Cola?
  5. In which Cotswold town would you find the Sprout Fair?
  1. Which American State is known as the "Diamond State"?
  2. Which continent contains no trees?
  3. Which city is known as the Oyster Capital of America?
  4. Finland is known as Suomi in Finnish, but what sort of land does it mean that it is?
  5. Europe's two largest waterfalls are both in the same country, but which country is it?
  1. In which year did the New York Stock Exchange crash?
  2. Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe during 1580 in which ship?
  3. What role did the Northamptonshire town of Weedon Bec play during the years of the Napoleonic Wars?
  4. Where and what were Humpty Dumpty during the English Civil War?
  5. The year of 1752 and the Calendar Act saw the year in England start on which day?
9. IT
  1. What does the P in HTTP: stand for?
  2. One billion seconds is approximately how many years?
  3. The word robot derives from the meaning of forced labour, but in which language?
  1. George Burns won an Oscar for his performance in The Sunshine Boys, Robin Williams won an Oscar for his performance in Good Will Hunting, but who was the first stand-up comedian, who died recently, to win an Oscar for his performance in Sayonara?
  2. In a pack of cards, which is the only King without a moustache?
  3. Which stand-up comedian shares his name with a village in Lincolnshire?
  4. What is the King of Spades holding in his left hand?
  5. Which stand-up comedian and comedy writer hosted the 1970's television series Jokers Wild?
  1. What was the name of the prostitute who notoriously sold the story of her night with the actor Hugh Grant in the 1990's?
  2. What is the name of the secretary who had an affair with the England football team manager and the F.A. chief executive?

What is the name of the pub in
  1. The Archers?
  2. Eastenders?
  3. Coronation Street?
  4. Emmerdale?
  5. Neighbours? (Choice of three names)
  1. In 959, who became the first King of England?
  2. Who was crowned King of Italy in Milan in 1805?
  3. Which country has been the longest standing monarchy?
  4. At her wedding, Queen Silvia of Sweden walked down the aisle to which piece of music?
  5. In 1917 the British Royal Family changed its name to Windsor, but what was it prior to then?
  1. Born in 1870, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov is better known as?
  2. The Boston Red Sox baseball legend George Herman Ruth is better known as Babe, which was actually one of his forenames, what was his actual nickname?
  3. What links Merlyn Lowther, Andrew Bailey, GE Kentfield, G.Gill and Jo Page?
  4. Theodor Geisel is better known as whom?
  5. What was the first name of the landscape gardener Capability Brown?
  1. The Beatles song Yesterday, is the most covered and most played of their songs, but who in the group wrote it?
  2. What was its original working title?
  3. Which record has achieved the greatest number of airplays (8m+) around the world?
  4. Only a last minute suggestion by their manager Stig Andersson led to Abba deciding on renaming their Eurovision winning song to what we know as Waterloo, so what was their original title for the song?
  5. Which multi-million selling group changed their name from Johnny and the Self-Abusers?
  1. In which country did the Carnation Revolution take place in April 1974?
  2. In which seaside resort did the first Butlins open in 1936?
  3. How many original copies of the Magna Carta were actually signed?
  4. How many quarters of negative growth constitute a recession?
  5. What was significant about the advert for Birds Eye frozen peas shown on ITV, November 15th 1969?
  1. There are three pedestrian road crossings named after birds, what are they?
  2. To the nearest one thousand, how many miles of road did the Romans construct during their first year in England?
  3. Which city is the home of Harley-Davidson?
  4. In which year did the Queen open the Humber Bridge?
  5. The first car to be reported stolen was in 1898 - true or false?
  1. In cricket, which film actress has her name used to denote five wickets having been taken by a bowler in a single innings?
  2. There were two unique things about the 1877 Derby won by Hermit Lodge, what were they? (Accept either)
  3. Which country has a Premier Football League known as the Eredivisie?
  4. Prestatyn, October 16th 2004, U.K. Snooker Championship, who set the record for the highest ever break (148) in a professional match?
  5. The first Winter Olympics were held in France in 1924, but at which resort?
  1. What is the collective noun for a group of cameramen?
  2. Where is a shrimp's heart located?
  3. The acronym LASER stands for what?
  4. What viewing distance determines the difference between mist and fog?
  5. In Polo, what is the length of a Chukka?
  1. John Walker, a chemist in Stockton-on-Tees developed a product that he first put on sale in 1827, what was the everyday item?
  2. What were Thomas Edison's famous words that he used on his first recording?
  3. Britain's first WPC was stationed in which Lincolnshire town?
  4. Who was the architect of the Sheldonian Theatre?
  5. In 1909, who was the first woman pilot to make a solo flight?
  1. Only one of these ostensibly Australian stars was actually born in the country, but who is it? Russell Crowe, Olivia Newton-John, Guy Pearce, Geoffrey Rush, Sam Neill.
  2. Where were each of the other four born? (4 marks)
  1. Who was the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated?
  2. Complete the job description, "The Gentleman Usher of the ..."?
  3. Which two famous Prime Minister's led their party to its two largest defeats in a General Election?
  4. Who is the patron saint of politicians?
  5. Who became Lord Mayor of London in 1397?
  1. In 1746, which famous figure found it expedient to undergo a change of name to Betty Burke?
  2. Which famous female historical figure is known for possessing a face that launched a thousand ships?
  3. Who was appointed Britain's first Poet Laureate in 1668?
  4. In folklore, King Arthur was killed by whom?
  5. What was the surname of Peggy Sue who was immortalised in the song written by Buddy Holly?
  1. An elephant possesses 40,000 muscles in its trunk.
  2. Buzz Aldrin was the first astronaut to play golf on the moon.
  3. A quinqennium is a period of five years.
  4. The term for a pregnant goldfish is a twerp.
  5. A queen bee lays an average of 1500 eggs every day.
  1. What is the name of the only beardless member of ZZ Top?
  2. What was the name of character that always had the last word in the popular French television programme Le Ménage Enchante?
  3. The long running police show Z Cars was set in a fictitious area of Merseyside known as what?
  4. Who had a huge number one hit in 1969 with In the Year 2525 (Exordium and Terminus)?
  5. What German warship did Winston Churchill call "The Beast"?